Rotary Disaster Network of Assistance RAG
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“Service to others  in time of disasters is in our DNA!”
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Help Rotarians Help Hurricane Florence Victims
in North Carolina

To help, please consider donating to The Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund (DAF) set up by District 7680.  

For information on how to send a check or wire instructions, click Download button below.


Funding available for projects in Puerto Rico

The Rotary Foundation has $1 million for fully funded global grants to rebuild communities in District 7000 that were damaged by Hurricane Maria. Rotarians can use this generous gift from the Robert and Edit Murray family for projects to provide clean water, basic education, economic improvement, and more. If your club or district is interested in working with Rotarians in Puerto Rico to carry out a global grant project, contact the Rotary Foundation chair for District 7000, John Richardson ([email protected]). Clubs and districts in the United States may serve as the international partner on global grant projects in Puerto Rico.
Photo: Marigot, St. Martin -  Getty Images

Your Help is Needed!

Use your paypal account, credit card, or bank account to contribute to District 7020: Hurricane Irma Disaster Recovery Fund.  Click on Donate button.  Thanks!
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